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  1. New Beetle (type 1C, 9C & 1Y) 1997 - 2011
    2006 Beetle 1.6L BFS The upper intake was whistling so I removed it and the issue is the 'valve' underneath it. (I believe on newer ones the valve is on top) Anyway there is a membrane on what is similar to newer pcv membranes. THere is also a pivot arm attached to it and that is what is...
  2. Polo 4 - (type 9N1 & 9N3) 2002 - 2009
    Hello all, I have a 2006 Polo with a 1.2 BME 3-cylinder engine down here in Lisbon (I have just got a Wifi dongle from Amazon and Torque on my Samsung phone which is fun and seems to be working all right) Bought the car last November second hand 50K miles, one lady owner (really) and serviced...
  3. Passat 6 - (type 3C) 2005 - 2011
    Hi All I am in the process of purchasing a V6 3.2l 2006 passat. Are there any "common" problems that I should look out for? Any guidance greatly received. I am an expat living in Australia. Here is the link to the car.
  4. Volkswagens For Sale
    VW POLO GTI SILVER 1.8 9n3 2006 | eBay Any offers or questions just pm me
1-4 of 4 Results