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  1. Interior
    Hi, the right buckle on my golf is no longer working. I've bought a replacement part, unfortunately it is fixed to the chassis along with the anchor for the centre inertia belt part. Does anyone know how to replace the centre inertia belt, it seems to be inside the seat back, I can't see how...
  2. LT - (type 28-21 and 2D) 1975 - 2006
    Hello Folks, Have the battery light, Exclamation mark light and coolant light illumined on dash. Having tested the voltage output at the battery on idle the battery isn't being charged as necessary. I have removed the alternator whilst check the belt at the same time and checked all the...
  3. Maintenance & Service
    Hi I have been requesting quotes from various garages for replacing our Passat's cam belt and water pump. VW dealer: £500+ Local garage 1: £484 Local garage 2: £408 Mr Clutch: £404 Is there any reason why I should choose the VW dealer over the considerably cheaper alternatives? I mean, they...
  4. New Members Introduce Yourself Here
    Hi. My names snowden from Norfolk. I have this 01 Golf tdi. ALH engine. 140k on clock. Recently noticed this chirp/ squeek coming from belts area. Any ideas? Youtube link below Thankyou Squeaking chirping vw golf engine 1.9tdi - YouTube
1-4 of 4 Results