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  1. Crafter 1 - (type 2E) 2006 - 2017
    Hi I hope someone can help me with this, as I'm at my wits end! My company owns a crafter 12 plate. It had a coolant leak, which meant we had to top it up everyday when the light came on. On filling up the header tank, my dad forgot to put the lid on before driving off! The van overheated and...
  2. Golf 4 (type 1J) 1997 - 2003
    hi people. i have a 1.6 16v 03 golf mk4 i have recently replaced my starter motor as it packed in. my car was working fine for 2 days now it just cut out and wont start, when i looked under the bonnet i saw that the earth wire that connects the solenoid to the motor has burnt out. any ideas why...
1-2 of 2 Results