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  1. Golf Cabriolet - (type 51) 2012 - 2016
    I need to get the windscreen replaced on my 64 plate Cab as it has a big crack across the top. I want to make sure Autoglass fit the right one as I think it's not the standard Mk6 windscreen. I think I am right in thinking that the Cab has the radio antenna embedded in the front screen rather...
  2. Golf 3 (type 1H) 1991 - 1998
    I have seen may posts on regulator issues but none fi my problem. When the drivers window is down and you push the button to raise it, some time when it gets to half way it stops and goes down again! This might happen once or twice and then it goes up! A while ago it was stuck permanently up, a...
1-2 of 2 Results