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  1. New Members Introduce Yourself Here
    Morning guys & girls. Hope you're all well. I have a 2016 Scirocco... best car I've ever had. It's also my first VW, and won't be my last. One question for those whose knowledge is much better than mine... wheel centre caps. I have 18 inch alloys and one of my centre caps has gone. Does...
  2. Golf 4 (type 1J) 1997 - 2003
    Hello guys, I am having great problems trying to find replacement alloy wheel centre caps for my MK4 Golf. I have a part number for the current ones I have on there if that helps - Part No - 1JO 601 149A. Most of the ones I have found on ebay have same part number but with a 'B' on end of...
  3. New Members Introduce Yourself Here
    Hi, wondering if someone can help me. I have recently bought a golf mk5 1.6fsi but with GTI alloys, some one has stolen (:mad:) one of the centre caps and im not sure where to get a replacement? are ebay/amazon are any good? I really don't want to pay too much! Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  4. VW Alloy Wheels & Tyres
    Just bought some Audi A3 alloys, part number 8l0 601 025 f to fit on the golf, and I'm after some centre caps, this is probably an idiotic question but where do I measure to determine which will fit? I have the existing Audi ones, do I measure the face of them? Or the inner clip? Thanks guys
1-4 of 4 Results