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  1. Golf 5 (type 1K) 2003 - 2009
    Hi, My Golf Mk5 1.9TDi - 240,000 miles, has developed a problem in the engine. When cold and I take off, there is a loud chattering from the engine, it feels lumpy, like there's only 3 cylinders and produces clouds of black smoke. The funny thing is, as I pull out the drive it doesn't feel...
  2. General Chat
    Thought I'd share my experience so far and seeing how anyone else have got on if they too have had this issue. My mum's car has done less than 1k, it's a brand new Golf with a 1.5 TSI evo engine, manual gearbox. After the dealer trying to fob us off they acknowledged a known fault where the car...
  3. New Members Introduce Yourself Here
    just looking for a heads up on what this is, developed this morning on partners car. some oil leakage too. Just want to make sure it's safe to drive to garage? it's make a rattling news and seems to be vibrating back and forth? Any quick advice just to know if its safe to get to a dealer
  4. VW Engine and Gearbox
    Hi. I get a strange noise coming from my engine once it's warmed up after about 20 mins. I've had a ribbed belt changed and my mechanic doesn't want to change the cam belt incase it doesn't solve the noise in getting. It's a hard one to describe but it sort of sounds like a feint bell ringing...
  5. VW Engine and Gearbox
    I've had a VW Polo 2012 - 1.2 TDI Diseal since new. The warranty ran out just half a year ago and I've noticed the car had been getting really hard to start (churning & churning & churning...) especially in colder weather. While this gradually got worse I also noticed the car was going through...
  6. VW Engine and Gearbox
    Firstly the car is a 2000 x reg Lupo with 80,000 miles on clock. 1.4 DOHC 16 valve I have recently noticed the oil warning coming on if I've been driving for more than about 30 mins. I ave also noticed the oil is being used up rapidly and needing regular top ups almost weekly. There is no...
  7. Beetle Classic (type 1) 1938 - 2004
    I have been trying to fix my beetle for a few weeks now but can't find the problem. There is a spark at the spark plugs, petrol in the carburettor but the engines not firing, does anyone have any idea as to what the problem could be? Thanks
  8. New Members Introduce Yourself Here
    Hi all. I have a polo 06 reg 1.2s 48000 miles on clock. Ran ok till thursday when had air con on just 5 mins from home the car starts to shake and judder with a misfire on a cylinder. Yellow engine light comes on then flashes. Got home and the radiator fan was not coming on and engine smelt a...
  9. New Beetle (type 1C, 9C & 1Y) 1997 - 2011
    Hi 1.6l petrol 2002 Beetle My wife's Beetle starts 'kangarooing' - 'jumping' when she sometimes is driving at speeds between 30 - 40 mph almost like it is going to stall. Once this occurs not long afterwards the 'Triangle with exclamation mark (ASR/EDL) light' appears on the dashboard, and...
  10. VW Engine and Gearbox
    Hi all, Had an issue recently with the Turbo, keeps turning on the engine light as its Overboosting, makes a horrible whining noise!! Will a rebuild fix this issue or does anyone have ANY idea of how to fix without getting a new turbo?
  11. New Members Introduce Yourself Here
    Hi. I have a 2009 140bhp diesel Passat. The other day I ran it down to 0 miles range and when I filled it again it started then cut out and read,Engine fault worksop. I kept doing this over and over and it started and ran fine.On my next fill it started doing it again and in fact has got worse...
1-11 of 11 Results