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  1. VW Engine and Gearbox
    I just bought a mk5 2.0 gt fsi 150hp 2004 and it's showing some errors. The one I'm worried about is the intake manifold one. Just how screwed am I? Is it worth fixing or should I get rid of it. It's all I could afford and I'm wondering if it's worth the repairs. Thank you.
  2. VW Engine and Gearbox
    I was driving my mk5 Golf 2.0 TDI at about 30mph when it started rumbling very loud. I tried driving it to safe place to stop but it cut out 50 metres down the road. It was starting up then cutting out straight away. Its in the garage now and the mechanic said the engine manifold has collapsed...
  3. VW Engine and Gearbox
    Hi guys pretty new to things like this so here goes, ok I bought a VW GOLF GT 2.0TDI 2005 model around 5 months ago and from the day I had it I noticed a problem. When the car is warmed up or hot it struggles to start take around 3-5 seconds to turn over. I took it to a local garage to do a...
1-3 of 3 Results