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  1. Golf 3 (type 1H) 1991 - 1998
    I'm doing some research for Volkswagen on a possible new project and need help! I'm looking to collect driver's fondest (or funniest) Mk3-related stories from the 90s; and if you have pictures, even better! Thanks in advance, Tim.
  2. General VW Parts For Sale
    Hey guys, I have a variety of Mk3 Golf bits mostly VR6 spec, that I need to get rid of as they are from a project that failed to get off the ground and need space. Most are brand new unless stated. Sensible offers please… PM me if you're interested. Ideally the larger and heavier parts will be...
  3. General VW Parts For Sale
    Hi all! Got a few MK3 Goodies that need to go, have no idea if the prices are in the right kinda range so I am open to offers! I have.... "SIK" 320mm Leather Steering wheel, on MK3 Golf Boss which will also fit few other VW's. The Hub is the same size as MOMO etc so will fit any other...
  4. Volkswagens For Sale
    Amazing piece of kit! 1997 R Reg Golf GTI, with VR6 engine installed. Full documentation of engine refit is here, all done professionally. Time and money has been spent on this car! Really tidy bodywork, great paintwork, a few tiny rust spots, but considering the age, this car has stood the test...
  5. VW Engine and Gearbox
    hey guys, new here so sorry if its in the wrong catagory.. right, i've got a 1995 vento/jetta, same engine as the golf mk3 2.0 8v. its had a bit of an engine issue recently and iv tried a few things but had no luck so i am looking for some new ideas.. when i start the car in the morning or...
1-5 of 5 Results