passat 2.0

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    Looking for advice re: warning lights, tyres and noise.

    Hi all, B7 variant owner here. I have had the dreaded basket of errors associated with the speed monitor, ABS, Stop/Start, Autobrake, TCS and even once 'BRAKE see a workshop immediately'. I have scanned my car and all of the errors refer back to the rear left speed monitor. However, it is...
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    New and inexperienced Passat 2015 owner here!

    Hello and good morning to all..good to have found this forum and hoping I can become comfortable with my first VW! I know next to nothing yet am so happy that I’ve purchase a German workhorse, a 2015 Passat 2.0 Tdi saloon in BMT with only 43000 on the clock. I feel like I’ve bought a great car...
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    2010 Passat 2.0 tdi will not start when hot

    Hi. I have a problem where my Passat will not start after 20 mins driving. But fires up straight away cold. I have had the hot start fix mapped out of it so it’s not that. When I attached jumpleads from another car it will fire up when hot. Could this be the starter failing.. it’s confusing as...