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  1. New Members Introduce Yourself Here
    Hi, A new user, living in Devon. I would like advice re. the following: 2007 Passat 2.0 TDI has done 200k miles, owned for 10 years. I service myself. Last few months, very sluggish and 'missing' at 2000-3000 rpm when in high gear and apply throttle, otherwise fine. Starts on the 'button'...
  2. New Members Introduce Yourself Here
    Hello, My name is Kalvis and I just bought 2005 Transporter T5 with 2.5 TDI AXD engine (I know ;)) and two days after I notice couple problems. Tandem pump is leaking diesel externally, oil level is high and smell like diesel. T5 struggle going up steep hills. Car starts fine when hot, but...
  3. New Members Introduce Yourself Here
    Hi my wife and I both have VW's a Touran TDi and a Passat CC. At the last service on the Touran we were advised that there was oil in the fuel filter and a large bill was imminent. The cause was down to a failed seal in the tandem pump. It requires replacement along with a long list of other...
1-3 of 3 Results