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  1. LT - (type 28-21 and 2D) 1975 - 2006
    Hello again Folks,(or should that be 'Volks'?) Wasn't sure where to post this, either on this part of the forum or the VCDS/VAG-Com diagnostics bit but hoping that someone out there in LT land knows best?? I have a couple of OBD2 scan tools, one being a Delphi laptop etc but as you can guess I...
  2. Maintenance & Service
    Hi, I have just fitted a new throttle body to my mk 5 Golf GT TDi. I need to get the throttle body aligned. I understand the job only takes 3-5 minutes. Is there anybody local that could help me?
  3. Maintenance & Service
    Hi all. I've been stupid and set off theAirbag Malfunction light while changing the head unit on my 56 plate Passat. I don't really fancy paying a dealer £75 to reset it. Don't suppose anyone has a VCDS around Durham or Sunderland that would be able to reset it for a few brews? Thanks Mark
  4. New Members Introduce Yourself Here
    Hey I'm new to this forum. Trying to Install an aux cable to my head unit (RCD 300) I got it all wired in so it's just the coding of the head unit I'm struggling with. Ive had a look on Ross-tech and got as far as the image attached. It says +2 for cd changer/ iPod connection. I have access...
  5. Maintenance & Service
    Hi guys, I deeply apologise for asking this question here but i can't seem to find anything that answers my question. I have just bought a Golf, as i said (I will add it to my signature after i am done with this) it is a 1999 V Reg 2.0 GTi, and it needs a bit of love. First thing that's...
  6. General VW Parts For Sale
    Genuine VAG-COM cable including license - you can download the latest software for free. Just changed cars so no longer needed. Also will provide printed documentation and other notes on codes £235 delivered (UK) - would prefer collection (Woking) - @ £225 Check/Cash/Bank...
1-6 of 6 Results