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    Tuning my 1997 1.9TDI Vento

    Hi guys, Was looking for some help with what is best for a 1.9 vento engine tuning wise. I've read into bigger injectors and was wondering what injectors would fit straight onto my engine? Also can the EGR be deleted from this engine? I have looked for kits and struggled to find any at all...
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    Vento 2.0 8v engine issues, help/ideas appreciated :)

    hey guys, new here so sorry if its in the wrong catagory.. right, i've got a 1995 vento/jetta, same engine as the golf mk3 2.0 8v. its had a bit of an engine issue recently and iv tried a few things but had no luck so i am looking for some new ideas.. when i start the car in the morning or...