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  1. Golf 7 (type 5G) 2012 - 17
    Hey everyone, I hope you are all well and keeping safe?? I thought I would share my GTD experience with you and any potential new owners. During this WFH season some of you may appreciate this VW video distraction. I made this video on my GTD after 100k+ miles so the car has served me well and...
  2. General Chat
    Hi, We are looking for a Volkswagen Camper Van owner to appear in a web-based video for a well-known fashion company. The video will be a short film, shot over one weekend, following a couple on their journey as they travel between various locations around the UK, including coastal roads...
  3. New Members Introduce Yourself Here
    Hi. My names snowden from Norfolk. I have this 01 Golf tdi. ALH engine. 140k on clock. Recently noticed this chirp/ squeek coming from belts area. Any ideas? Youtube link below Thankyou Squeaking chirping vw golf engine 1.9tdi - YouTube
1-3 of 3 Results