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  1. Touran 1 - (type 1T) 2003 - 2015
    Hello everyone. I'm from UK. After years of owning a Toyota, I've just bought a VW Touran BlueMotion SE 1.6 Diesel. Still getting to know the vehicle, but I have a lot of questions on mind and hope someone can help me. With so many models having different variations, How can I tell what mark...
  2. General Chat
    Just out of interest what would be a good diesel VW car, engine, and model out of interest? I read a lot about cars going wrong so which ones are most likely to go right. Interested to hear peoples thoughts from anyone who works on cars and generally peoples positive experiences owning one.
  3. Golf 5 (type 1K) 2003 - 2009
    Good evening people ! My '05 MK5 looks like it has an issue with the MAP sensor as VCDS tells me. Swapped the MAP sensor with a new 4 Bar Bosch, checked wires , changed the sensor plug. When turning on the ignition and wait for the dash lights to come off then start the car, turbine doesn't...
  4. Volkswagens For Sale
    1982 Volkswagen Caravelle for Sale. Autohomes conversion. Recently had a new exhaust fitted. As you can see from the photos, this is a solid van, however it will need some work to get up and running - ideally by someone who knows what they are dealing with! I am in Poole, Dorset. Please message...
  5. Polo 5 - (type 6C) 2014 - 2018
    Hi Guys, I wondered if anyone had any knowledge or would be able to help me. Ive had my car nearly 5 years and its on a PCP Finance it has been great up until now, about 2 months ago the engine light and EPC light came up on it and the car started chugging, a mechanic came out and replaced...
  6. VW Engine and Gearbox
    Does anyone know if GTD injectors are compatible with a 1.6tdi 105 CAYC engine? Want an upgrade from standard ones but cant find much info on what to use. Thanks👍
  7. Volkswagens For Sale
    Morning All, I'm in the process of selling my 2016 (66 plate) Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI GT Edition (Euro 6) Excellent Condition throughout... I take a lot of pride in looking after my vehicles Main features of my GT edition are; Limestone Grey (quite rare), Panoramic Roof, Sat Nav with...
  8. General Chat
    I used to be the proud owner of a Vw Passat All Track. The best car in the world for me by far. It saved my life as a massive tree felt on top of it. Got no injuries whatsoever and made it safe home to live other day. Thank you #Volkswagen for making such good and strong cars.
  9. Polo 5 - (type 6R) 2010 - 2014
    First post here, I am looking to fit a cruise control into my 2011 polo (engine code ZR) Does anyone know which company is good for doing it and roughly how much is the fair price? I have phoned VW dealer but they said they would not offer to do it anymore. Car in Edinburgh. Thank you
  10. VW Engine and Gearbox
    So iv read many forums regarding this issue. People saying could be DMF giving up. So the car basically just had a cambelt and water pump done at 140k (i do love to drive regardless) The rattle begins at a cold start. Put in drive or reverse noise goes. Once the car gets up to temperture or its...
  11. General Chat
    Hello! Just wondered if anyone had any experience with the VW code 00290? I have the code 00290 coming up. The code reads: ABS wheel sensor rear left - static - short circuit. I can reset the code and but comes back on. The light isn’t always on. I have replaced the ABS sensor and no luck...
  12. Advice and Information On Buying Or Selling
    Hi, I recently purchased my VW Golf Mk6 2010 which has the 7-Speed Dry Clutch DQ200 DSG gearbox. I've done some research and have read many forums on this particular DSG gearbox and learnt it appears to be very problematic, with serious and very expensive mechanical issues being inevitable...
  13. General Chat
    Hello everyone i really need help!! My turbo has been refurbished oil return gasket been replaced i dont know what else seems to be the problem i have a feeling its the intake manifold flap so its been cleaned but it still doesn’t go like it should. It doesnt go over 3000 revs and very slow...
  14. General Chat
    Hey all, I am looking at buying these wheels and the seller is claiming these are genuine vw alloys, can anyone confirm if these are? Did vw ever make alloys in this style? thanks, George
  15. New Members Introduce Yourself Here
    Hello there guys I am Max an 18 year old Volkswagen Enthusiast from London UK in my spare time I love to work on cars so if I can be of service to anyone I would love to help also still learning to drive and was hoping to help people on here while at the same time also get some help when I need...
  16. New Members Introduce Yourself Here
    Cześć wszystkim. Sprzedam volkswagena beetle 1303 z Polski. Cena do tylko 3000 £. Transport po stronie kupującego. Aby uzyskać więcej informacji, zadzwoń pod numer 07404 940164
  17. VW Exterior & Appearance
    Hello, I'm having issues with driver side fog light on my 2007 Golf GT 2.0 TDI 140PS. Passenger side works perfectly fine but driver side won't. I tested with voltmeter and when bulb is out it shows 12v and when i place bulb shows 1.5v. Bulbs are new. Can you help me? Thanks,
  18. Golf 7 (type 5G) 2012 - 17
    Hey everyone, I hope you are all well and keeping safe?? I thought I would share my GTD experience with you and any potential new owners. During this WFH season some of you may appreciate this VW video distraction. I made this video on my GTD after 100k+ miles so the car has served me well and...
  19. In Car Entertainment
    So your friends/family/colleagues keep banging on about how great it is to have DAB radio in their Fords, Pugs, Vauxhalls, Renaults and other junk :oops:, and you just sit at the table with the keys to your VAGmobile feeling sad because you have to listen to same FM stations which play the same...
  20. Golf 7 (type 5G) 2012 - 17
    Hey Everyone, I own a 2015 Golf GTD 2.0 TDI that is currently sitting at nearly 118k miles, I made a video on it if anyone wants to check it out :) Thomas
1-20 of 47 Results