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  1. General Chat
    Recently I have noticed some strange things happen with my 2005 Volkswagen Fox 1.4 petrol engine. On rainy days the engine always stalls when I stop, sometimes check engine light starts to blink, however it is rare. I always have to keep it above 2000 RPM otherwise the engine starts to sputter...
  2. In Car Entertainment
    I've learned that it's possible to upgrade the radio on the VW Fox to allow for auxillary inputs for phones, etc. I was just wondering how much it would cost for the garage to do this, or if it's possible to do it myself for a decent price? After reading some threads online I took a look...
  3. New Members Introduce Yourself Here
    Hi Just bought my missus a "10" reg VW Fox 1.2 and I'm really enjoying driving it even with no aircon and windy windows after years of cars with all the toys.I've owned VW's before but many moons ago - a Mk1 Golf and a VW Derby
1-3 of 3 Results