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  1. Eos (type 1F) 2006 - 2015
    So my battery is dead car is locked can't open it so is there a way to open bonnet from outside so I can change battery must be the stupidest car design in history
  2. VW Exterior & Appearance
    Hi! Sorry to bother but I've got a problem with my inner wheel arch, which is sticking out, I've tried to tighten the screws but with no luck. Should i worry about it, what could be the cause? Is it expensive to fix it or replace it? Thanks!
  3. Polo 5 - (type 6C) 2014 - 2018
    Hi All, Hope someone can advise, I have a Polo Match 1.2 TSi 66 Reg and in the past couple of days I have lost pressure in my right rear tyre. I topped it up with air and the next day the same thing happened so started to think I had a puncture. On further inspection there seem to be fluid...
  4. VW Alloy Wheels & Tyres
    Hi, Looking for a spare alloy or space saver steel wheel for my 2012 Phaeton. Been quoted £800 + tyre + fitting from VW and an online shop telling me an 18inch would suffice for a space saver. Couple of questions: If I look on ebay most don't say what car they fit and even if they do...
  5. Interior
    Hi Our Passat's clock spring broke, which has now been replaced. During the replacement process (which obviously involved taking off the steering wheel) the garage managed to deface the badge on the steering wheel (photos below). It looks as if someone used a screwdriver to lift the edge... :(...
  6. Sharan 2 (type 7N) 2011>
    Hi Folks, first time poster - having just purchased a Sharan SE. I live in Scotland and need to get another set of wheels and tyres organised so I have a spare set for the Winter. Since the SE comes with a (nice) set of 16" wheels I thought I might break my habit of using steel wheels in the...
  7. General VW Parts For Sale
    The wheel is a 7.5J x 18 Monza Shadow (diamond cut with gloss black inserts). It is an original equipment manufacturer wheel and was fitted to a VW Golf Mk6 GTI. The wheel has been fully, professionally, refurbished to correct cosmetic damage caused by light kerbing and has never been used...
  8. Touran 1 - (type 1T) 2003 - 2015
    Hi, Just bought my first VW, a 7 seater '06 Touran 1.9 TDI S which has 195/65 R15 Tyres, I'd like to get a space saver wheel for going to Europe but I'm not sure what the options are for rim and tyre sizes. So far I've found information regarding Tourans with 16" wheels and deduced that the...
1-8 of 8 Results