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  1. VW Alloy Wheels & Tyres
    Hi, A few months ago I bought a 67 plate Golf GTI with 19" Brescia alloys (factory fitted) along with the DCC. If I'd bought the car new I'd never have even considered the bigger wheels, its just how it came and it was otherwise a good car. Despite having the DCC, I don't think I'm going to...
  2. VW Alloy Wheels & Tyres
    Hi People, I have recently changed my wheels from alloys to banded steels, upon which a couple of hundred miles later my front wheels tried to leave the car!!!!! I torqued them up with an impact driver, the car drives true and straight with no signs of unbalance. which gets me thinking is...
  3. Caddy 3 (type 2K) 2004 - 2011
    Hi, just saved a 59 plate caddy from the scrapper,it has nasty rusty 15 inch steel wheels on with bald 195 tyres. Can I fit stock 16 inch steels from a t5 with 205 tyres which are readily available on auction sites?
  4. LT - (type 28-21 and 2D) 1975 - 2006
    Hello Folks Sorry to be a pain and apologies if this subject has been covered in great depth before... My question is.. Do Transporter steel wheels fit the LT35...My wheels are on 15 inch rims and have seen a few decent sets of wheels for sale online. I just want a second set of rims to...
  5. General VW Parts For Sale
    Used 17" Brescia style wheels and 215/40 r17 tyres in good condition They have about 600 miles on them, small scuffs on the wheels but they can be repaired. I am selling them as I have sold my car. I am looking for around £350 which is a bargain as they were bought for £600. Prefer pickup in...
  6. General VW Parts For Sale
    Hi! I have this set of 7jx 15" (4 x 100) Camille Gotti wheels, a friend gave me them for my Mk2 Scirocco but they never fit and low and behold, the car is now gone. So the plan now is to make some money and go to the other side of the world! Wheels have some corrosion and pitting in the dish...
  7. General VW Parts For Sale
    Selling set of four 'Santa Monica' wheels with tires, from my VW mk4 Golf Estate. Photos: The rims are not in great condition: the lacquer is flaking off, there are plenty of kerb scratches, and two of the wheels lose pressure over time - they could do with a refurb. However, they are...
  8. Jetta 5 - (type 1K) 2005–2011
    Hi, I have a 2004 Bora 1.9Tdi PD 100 SE (I think thats right) that I have had for 5 years and done 40000 trouble free miles in. Its comfy, reliable, economical and safe, and thats what I want for my boring commute to work. Its starting to feel quite long in the tooth, and I am thinking of...
  9. General VW Parts For Sale
    Please see the link to the ebay page: Volkswagen Touareg- 20 inch 'Pikes Peak' alloy wheel (inc.tyre + spare tyre) | eBay Feel free to ask any questions.
  10. General VW Parts For Sale
    Bright Orange 5 spoke 4 x 100 alloys mx5 or golf, e30, corsa Bright Orange 5 spoke 4 x 100 alloys mx5 or golf, e30, corsa | eBay ;)
  11. VW Alloy Wheels & Tyres
    sorry for the bad quality but can anybody identify these wheels? The mechanic told me today that one of my wheels is buckled, not too severely but I thought I'd look into replacing it. It's off a 2002 VW Polo FSI but looking at other FSI's this wheel doesn't seem to be the standard one. I'd...
  12. General VW Parts For Sale
    hi my golf gt is currently undergoing an upgrade to a GTD replica, so these wheels are of no use to me. 17" Porto Alloys of a MK6 Golf GT In great condition 3 Tyres have Brilliant thread the other could survive a few more months before a change. All 4 tyres are Bridgestone Turanza 225/45R17...
  13. General Chat
    looking for input on a gd pair of alloy wheels for my car. looking to spend 5-600. but want opinions on brands that are gd lasting and dont easily crack or get ruined through weather easily.
  14. Polo 5 - (type 6R) 2010 - 2014
    Hi all, what wheels do you have on your Polos. I'd like to get something similar to the transporters steels which are standard but spray them black (car is white) let me know if anyone has seen any for cheap anywhere or what their future ideas are!
  15. Golf 5 (type 1K) 2003 - 2009
    Hi all! I would like to know if the following wheels will fit my car (2007 Vw Golf Mk5 1.4 S) The wheels have a PCD of 5x112 and the offset is ET56
  16. VW Alloy Wheels & Tyres
    Just bought some Audi A3 alloys, part number 8l0 601 025 f to fit on the golf, and I'm after some centre caps, this is probably an idiotic question but where do I measure to determine which will fit? I have the existing Audi ones, do I measure the face of them? Or the inner clip? Thanks guys
  17. VW Alloy Wheels & Tyres
    Hi does anyone know if there are any know problems with the standard 16" Milwaukee alloys - mine have shown signs of 'crazing' under the lacquer coating and it is getting worse - I recently noticed the same problem only far worse on a '58 model and wonder if anyone knows if this is a known...
  18. Golf 5 (type 1K) 2003 - 2009
    as above really please post pics and spec
  19. VW Alloy Wheels & Tyres
    Hi, Just a quick question as I'm a bit stuck. I just bought some wheels which had been on a PT Cruiser (Chrysler). That model has the exact same pcd, stud pattern, and centre bore as my Bora. Tried to fit them tonight though, and they barely fit the hub. I didn't try to push them hard...
  20. Golf 4 (type 1J) 1997 - 2003
    i've just brought a golf mk4 and want some nice vw wheels to put on it anyone got any?
1-20 of 21 Results