2016 VW Golf 1.6 diesel estate

Will Hay

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Feb 2, 2021
Hi folks, newbie to VW and to Diesel engines have driven petrol all my life

anyways traded my 2005 Mazda 3 for a 2016 VW golf estate longue edition and it is a very impress car ... spec wise

my gripe is with the engine I feel she under powered and am staying in lower gears at higher speeds to feel her motoring along ( it is a manual bit automatic by the way)

I sometimes have to drop back to third gear from fourth when travelling at 50kmh

never felt I had to drop to lower gears with the 1.6 Mazda petrol

Can anyone enlighten me ??
Many thanks
Will Hay


Jul 28, 2013
Sunny Scotland
Having owned a Mk6 Estate & traded up to a 2015 Mk7, I can honestly state that the Mk7 Feels more powerful than the Mk6 & can get to higher speeds quicker.

Based purely on your comments above, you've never dealt with 'dieseasels' before & I feel that you've been too used to driving a petrol car. My wife has had similar issues with my Mk7 (as she had never drove my Mk6, or my Mk4 diesel estates, but has warmed to the Mk7). Diesels rev lower (as you see from the rev counter & you should really change at around 5500RPM, whereas the petrol may be up at around 8000 - 8500 RPM), as well as where their power band is generated (circa 1500 - 3500 RPM in a diesel). I also have to say that I've experienced having to go to a lower gear when travelling at 30MPH, especially when going up an incline, but it is simply something the you have to get used to, it is not a 'negative', simply practical.

Unless you're a key worker & you're commute means you're doing 30 miles each way, poottling around town may mean that you're not able to see / experience the benefits of driving a diesel over a petrol. I suggest that you watch the clip below to help give some additional comment...

Yoo-TOOB video - Diesel vs. Petrol


Aug 16, 2019
I've not driven 1.6 TDI so no idea what gear ratios they have and how they feel to drive. On my 2.0 TDI - 3rd gear up to 30mph, 4th gear up to 40mph, 5th gear up to 50mph, 6th gear >50mph. Car feels deceptively slow because the cabin is much quieter compared to other cars. Maybe you need to adjust your driving style, there should be an icon on the dashboard telling you when to go up/down gears. Also remember VW estate with TDI would be heavier than Mazda 3 with petrol engine, so adjust your expectations accordingly.