ABS Sensors - life span


May 18, 2013
What's the expected lifespan of an ABS Sensor? My Touran is 8 years old and has done 96,000 miles. The reason I ask is a few weeks ago, had to drive through standing water at the side of the road, resulting in 3 warning lights on the dashboard, Steering Wheel, ABS and ESC. VCDS faults showed left rear ABS sensor errors. ABS sensor replaced and all had been OK until yesterday. Left the Touran in an indoor car park, on leaving the car park the same set of warning lights came on, Switched off and restarted engine lights go off but come back on as some as the car starts moving. Next time I start the car the lights are off and they remain off for a few miles. Start it again and although the lights are off the ESC light flashes occasionally as though there is wheel slip, there isn't. The DSG gearbox is also behaving very weirdly, reluctant to change up, changing down unexpectedly. Then the three warning lights come on and the DSG returns to its usually smooth operation. VCDS check shows that the right rear ABS sensor has now got errors. I suspect it will need replacing. So just wondering if I should replace the front ABS sensors at the same time while its in the garage?


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Apr 22, 2006
Nottingham, England
Rear ABS sensor problems on this platform (PQ35) are often down to the rear wheel bearing ferrous magnetic ring rusting and wearing off the end of the senor plus cheap sensors such as Pagid from ECP have been causing a lot of trouble.