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Apr 22, 2006
Nottingham, England
This will be a list in progress and very few people will read it but for infractions I will refer to it.

1) Only legally obtained and registered copies of VCDS or other diagnostic systems can be discussed, not under any circumstances is there to be any talk of illegal cracked or cloned versions.

2) No discussion on how to remove or deal with the consequences of any legally required emissions systems namely but not confined to Exhaust Gas Recirculation, exhaust catalysts, Secondary Air Injection, EVAP systems and Diesel Particulate Filters. We will help you maintain these parts in working order but for road use their removal is not be be discussed. We are happy to talk about their retro installation on older more polluting vehicles.

3) After-market HID/Xenon headlights AND any external use of LED bulbs UNLESS they are being installed in specific HID/LED light units and are to be fitted in conjunction with an automatic self leveling system and automatic headlamp pressure jet wash, this is to conform to the new UK MOT laws.

4) Mileage correction in any way shape or form or passing on the details of those who will oblige!!!

5) Referring to the main dealer as thieves, calling them steal_ers will result in censure!

6) Calling the retail chain Halfords fraudsters; it is libelous.

Additions to this list are open for discussion by sending me a private message.
Not open for further replies.