Caddy accessorie help!


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Feb 13, 2013
Hi, I am looking into buying a caddy. It's been nearly two months that I have been looking and my patience is starting to wear thin, I'm looking to spend around £5000-6000. I have viewed many and it was my 8th today, I even screwed a guy down £1100 and nearly shook his hand but I walked away because it didn't have electric windows. I'm pretty fussy but now I'm just considering buying a van that has the electric pack and colour coding it myself. The only problem is I don't know where to buy the bumpers to, I have looked but have found nothing. If somebody can point me in the right direction I can come to terms with the prices of everything. If it's not worth the effort I will just sit down for a little longer. Its very frustrating that I cant find something in my price range that has the electric pack, colour coded (white, silver or black) and has lower 90k on the clock. One guy didn't even have any documentation of his service history for a 57 plate and no proof of an Mot. Has anyone else had this problem before or am I just being fussy and calling it bad luck?


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Apr 22, 2006
Nottingham, England
No documents, no old MOT's, no service book-let me guess, low mileage? This problem is rife at the moment, worse than I have ever known it in 32 years in the trade as any spotty adolescent with a piece of downloaded software and an £11 fleaBay cable can clock just about any car on the market, something has to be done about this problem as it has got seriously out of hand in the last year. I have a way of checking the true mileage on many VAG cars and I now routinely check those of certain people who come in and the discrepancies I see are appalling. One 2010 Alhambra I did last week showed 60K odd miles, the true reading was more than double that and two days later his friend brought another one in for an issue and his had gone through a time warp that had removed 4K miles from it since I had it in last August!

Bumpers from VW are about £250 front and £190 rear but there are loads of parts needed to make the conversion, not just the big plastic bits. You can smooth and colour code the standard bumpers but it is hard work and looks cheap and wrong. Remember the front parts are the same as a Touran.