Condensation Issue


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Mar 22, 2015
Bought a brand new polo 3 weeks ago and having an issue with the front and rear windscreens having condensation on. Had to wait 20 minutes for the car to heat up and clear the front bit. The rear didnt clear only the parts where the heated screen was on.

Also noticed that after starting the car the engine temperature goes up to about 75 then back down to 0 before slowly coming back up again.

Any ideas on what these issues are as the dealers say they cant find anything wrong. Thanks in advance


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Apr 22, 2006
Nottingham, England
Condensation is normal, it is from peoples breath and sweat, using the air con on recirculation will dehumidify the cabin and help keep it under control; the temperature gauge action is NOT normal, since the late 90’s, VAG have programmed their temp gauges to go up to 90 as fast as possible and stay there unless the engine gets VERY hot, I have seen them read 90 when the computer display is showing a true figure of 117... I think this is to stop people obsessing over the reading but in itself causes problems. We had a 2017 S4 in last week and it’s gauge behaviour was bizarre and studying the manual sowed it didn’t even reference the THREE engine temp senders! It was showing 110 on the gauge AND instruments diagnostic display but in reality the engine was running at 15 degrees, the fan going crazy and the low temp massively over fuelling the engine, crazy programming.