Dashboard Lights suddenly coming on then going off....


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Dec 29, 2021
I know the usual answer would be to book in my Volkswagen CC to be plugged in but I am currently in Spain……
Whilst on the drive down from Bilbao in the North, the Car suddenly cut off the cruise control and numerous lights came on, on the dashboard (see picture)
I coasted to a stop. I checked the car over and there was no obvious signs of leaking fluid or smell of burning wires or plastic.
The car starts fine, drives fine and after some miles all the lights then went off. 100 miles or so they came back on but car drove fine.
Now I am at the house, it happens to the car after a while driving but they do go out again randomly.

The only things that do not work when the lights come on are the cornering lights, the Auto-hold and the Auto Start-Stop.
I was wondering if you or your guys there by chance had heard of this particular fault before?? 20211219_170030.jpg


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Mar 7, 2015
Northern Ireland UK
Increasing amount of similar questions recently on this subject.
Are VWs en masse coming down with some sort of plague?
The first port of call IMO would be a code read via someone competent in the use of the required equipment.

I have had a few recent "warnings" about features "not available" but a read in a trusted auto electricians showed nothing untoward.
I will prefer to monitor and wait until any such warnings fail to go out and stay permanently lit.

None of my tyres are flat and if they were they won't self inflate so that "warning" is nothing but annoying however now unreliable as one might just be soft as I ignore it 😡