Engine trouble


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Aug 13, 2021
Hi I have 2001 mk4 golf 1.6 16v. 140000 on clock. On way home from work yesterday car started juddering. EPC and engine light came on and emissions workshop warning. When I went to pull into the drive the engine cut out. I plugged the diagnostic machine in and it threw up 3 fault codes. I have checked the vacuum lines and cannot see or feel and cracks or splits. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the issue is? Or has anyone had the same issues and codes that could possibly point me in the right direction. I have changed the egr about 6 to 7 months ago . Thanks.
The codes are - 16555. Fuel trim, Bank 1 system too lean.
17851 - potentiometer for exhaust gas recirc signal too low.
17566 - Manifold abs pressure sensor implausible signal.


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Apr 22, 2006
Nottingham, England
With the ignition on and preferably a battery charger (ideally the battery should be at engine running voltage circa 13 volts) go into Adaptations group 10, value 00 and save the value, do this three times. Then come back out and go into Basic Settings 04, the enter the group number 074 where the value in block 4 should change to ADP OK. The take it for a drive, find a long downhill stretch and select a gear that will allow you to do a long off throttle run and not get in anyone else's way. Do this in Basic Setting 075 and the value should go from Test off to test on and OK. Check in the readiness code section to see if the EGR system has passed.