Fuel Filter Change on V8 Petrol

Johnny P

Jan 12, 2019
New Zealand
Hi all

Just to let you know, that I now know why this is deemed to be 'not serviceable' by VW.

What a pig of a job that was. yes, I bought an aftermarket filter for $17 AUS and pulling out the filter and flange was an absolute doddle. Getting the thing to seal properly afterwards was the struggle. The 'o' ring in the filter housing does not want to seat in the right place. Took me 4 attempts to get the pump to build up sufficient pressure and of course you have to completely assemble it to test it.

After being stood in the rain bent at the waist for around 3 hours I was ready to throw the matches through the door..... No, not really.

The damn thing runs so much better now. The filter was covered in like a gritty tar substance when I got it out and had obviously been in for 17 years without a look at it. The carpet under the rear seat was intact so I knew it hadn't been changed.

And what was the fault that sent me under the rear seat? Check engine light coming on every 6 or 7 days and lean Bank 1 and Lean bank 2 DTC's
Also watching the fuel trim graphs going up and down like a sine wave as the ECU tried to make good the lean reading from the O2 sensors. Working on the basis that it couldn't be both MAS's that were faulty and no noticeable vacuum leaks and with all the connecting rods in the intake connected and moving. It couldn't really be anything else. Could it?