Having some unusual issues any help much appreciated.


New member
Sep 13, 2021
Hey folks bought a 2017 touran family se around March this year. Over the past couple of days I have been having some strange issues. The first thing I noticed was that my dash cam was no longer charging. I have it connected in at the fuse box using the nextbase kit. So it seemed very odd it was not charging. I checked and the fuses were fine. Having driven it about 5 miles I suddenly got a warning to turn off the engine I pulled over and did as instructed. When I turned the ignition back on I got a warning saying 12v battery low drive to charge. I did so I also switched the fuse the dash cam was using to another and it started to charge again. My wife was driving today and said that the dash cam keeps charging then not charging and it is revving while idle.

Is this an issue with the alternator or something to do with the ECU or something else entirely?

Any help would greatly appreciated.