instrument cluster & engine fault


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Dec 29, 2020
Hello , wife's golf mk 6 2010 petrol 1.4 has had a fault with instrument cluster , randomly just dies both speedo and rev counter , whilst driving , didn't affect engine originally and most warning lights and beeps would light/sound up then intermittently just spring back to life . Then started to affect start up .. would turn over , run for a second then die ... go back 10 mins later and ok. Anyway removed cluster and took to be looked at , they said it was processor and replaced .. 150 mile round journey xmas eve and put back in with new battery to be sure and was working fine for 1st few hours of running around but now back to same problems . Has anyone had similar problems/solution ? just clutching at straws but was going to try swap out some fuses and relays at the weekend but need car reliable for next week , any help or suggestions appreciated


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Apr 22, 2006
Nottingham, England
These people that say they can repair such items are all charlatans, every one I have ever tried has let me down. Golf 6 instrument cluster failure is common and like yourself we need a first time long term reliable fix so the only way we will do it is by fitting a genuine VAG exchange panel, typically these are £496 retail inc VAT. Unfortunately these MUST be installed using the VAG diagnostic system ODIS with GEKO security access and not very many independent VAG specilsist have access to this.