Mk2 Coupe S


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Sep 28, 2012

Aup mate I have a polo mk2 breadvan there are cool little cars and how much you dropped your mate


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Apr 22, 2006
Nottingham, England
I loved my wife's CL Coupe, it was a lovely little thing in black. We decided in 2000 to get her a new Beetle but being me I wanted the 1.8T which was coming later. I decided to put down a deposit and wait and in the mean time I spent three months rebuilding the little Polo to make it look perfect. I fitted a late dash, converted the carb to auto choke to suit, Mk1 GTI 9 spoke wheels, paint, 40-mm drop, vented discs, exhaust, stereo, sound deadening, welded up the battery tray, made it look stunning. Gave it her back on a Saturday afternoon and was WELL pleased with the thank you I received! She took it to work Monday morning and on Monday evening someone T boned her on a mini roundabout as he did not see it, he hit the car so violently the glass sunroof collapsed into her head and filled her scalp with broken glass and the passenger seat came over so hard it smashed her against the drivers door, total write off! I could not bear to see the car and asked my business partner and local VW breaker to deal with it for me.