Radio head unit for Fender speakers


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Sep 13, 2021
Hi everyone, question about the infotainment system / radio head unit.

I own a 2014 Beetle convertible which was imported from the US. It comes with the Fender audio package. I wanted to replace the existing head unit ( with a new one ( as I really need Android Auto. The seller of this new head unit said that it is definitely compatible with the Fender system, but when an independent VW specialist tried to install it, everything worked except the speakers - Android Auto worked, reversing camera worked etc. but no sound would play through the speakers. He said it was something to do with the sound processor in this Beetle and when he tested this very unit in another VW, the sound worked as it should.

I went online to do some digging and came across this website|FFTouchscreen_(Swipeable) where you can specify of your Beetle has the Fender system etc. and it returned results of about 15 different head units that are compatible with the Fender audio system and that also have a touchscreen and Android Auto, so all the boxes are ticked. However, it's an American website and none of those units are available here in the UK or in the continental Europe (the car is in Poland right mow and I will be taking it to Spain for the winter months this winter).

So the question is: does anyone know any head units available in the UK that satisfy the following:

1. Are actually compatible with the Fender system.

2. Support Android Auto (not Mirror Link).

3. Have a touchscreen

Any help would be massively appreciated!

Thank you! :)


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