RCD 300 12v out


New member
Jul 13, 2019
I'm probably flogging a dead horse with this after Mach Google searching but here goes:

I have a 2007 golf plus with the above unit. I've fitted a Pure Highway 600 dab via a connects 2 adaptor. All works perfectly. I have taken power for the dab from a spare ignition switched fuse, the issue is that while the radio works with the ignition off but the key in (via that clever key sensing wire??), the dab obviously doesn't. I spend a lot of time (kids sporting activities) sat in the car and if I want dab I have to switch the ignition on (which is going to flatten the battery).
There is apparently no "switched" 12v output from the RCD300 (all done by canbus) which I could use to switch the dab on/off with the stereo.

Has anyone solved this? I've read things about tapping into the key sense wire in the ignition, or the electric windows which remain powered after the ignition is switched off etc?

I know I could do things like a second power feed from a permanent live supply or something but would prefer a seamless solution.