Rear toe arm replacement. Need advice


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Jul 17, 2021
Hello all,

I took my passat for a wheel alignment check at my local kwik fit garage as one of my rear tyres was worn on the inside.

They replaced the tyre but informed me that I would have to keep replacing the tyre as they were unable to adjust the rear toe arms due to the nut/bolt/ali/steel having been fused together over the years.

So I went back and asked for a quote to replace both the rear toe arms (as apparently you have to replace both at the same time..). They gave me a quote of just shy of £600 including VAT and labour.

The rear toe arms alone cost £185 each!

I've had a little look for rear toe arms on euro parts as it looks like I can purchase rear toe arms for roughly £40-£70 each. Is this a good move? Or shud I just leave it to the experts?

I can possibly take the parts to a different garage and get the parts fitted cheaper but Im getting a little confused despite putting my reg. number in because there are different names for presumably the same thing.

For example, is a "Suspension Arm (Rear Axle Left or Right Lower)" the same thing as a rear toe arm?

Also how easy would this be to fit myself? Sounds like the hardest part will be getting the old toe arm off!

If anyone has useful videos or advice or experience of a similar issue that would be much apprecuated!

I just really don't have £600 to spend. (My dad gave me his old car i.e. the passat and I didnt realise how expensive these things are to repair!

Thank you for your time,



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Apr 22, 2006
Nottingham, England
I am guessing your car is a 2009 Passat 3C, the rear end is virtually identical to the Golf 5 GTI we did last Thursday and we used the Meyle full kits because the fasteners MUST be replaced as they are one time only and the toe adjuster eccentric bolts will have to be destroyed to get them out. The only way we have found to get these out is by using an air powered saw with a thin cut down hacksaw blade down the side of the bush, through the bolt skimming BUT NOT cutting into the subframe surface, it is a job virtually impossible to do any other way. This is an arm remove after cutting down the other side, the bolt is completely solid inside the bush
Once the arm is out you can either push the old bush out (we torch them with the oxy) and replace them with standard but we push people to havePowerflex even if we, as we were, fitting new arms. It is a VERY expensive suspension system and on this particular job we did not remove the subframe for Powdercoating as usually or replace the springs (new H&R anyway) or the original rear dampers and with using all Febi or Meyle aftermarket parts with a few genuine bolts, the bill is £2k.
Toe setting eccentrics
Fully rebuilt with Powdercoated subframe