Reset / Program driver window.


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Apr 16, 2020
Hi Guys,

Wonder if anyone can help. I done one terrible mistake while trying to grease (to remove a horrible squeak noise) the driver window.

I removed the panel and sprayed where I could and was still making noise, then I had the brilliant Idea of removing the motor and then pressed window the key (to see if the noise was coming from there) and it did spin like crazy losing its memory (creating a error code)

Now I lost the one touch feature on driver side and also, that window don't drop and raise upon opening and closing the door (to go under the soft roof).

Every time now I have to turn off the car and go out on passenger side :? to not force the window under the roof.

Worth pointing that:
- Window does go up and down normally (just lost this auto drop and one touch)
- If I press and hold "unlock" on the key fob all 4 windows go down but if I press and hold "lock" only the other 3 does raise.

Took it to a garage the guy said that he couldn't erase the error code and that I need a new motor that cost £300+

It seems a bit weird that this is the case, would the motor get damaged just by spinning 2-3 seconds without the resistance of the window?

Anyone have any idea?? now with this virus all Volkswagen is close, would only them be able to clear this code and reprogram??

Would maybe on removal of panel any cable got damaged? (just thinking if the single click or one touch has dedicated cable... just guessing):confused:

Please help


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Apr 22, 2006
Nottingham, England
Wind the window down and keep holding the button, count to five, wind it back up and hold, count to five, wind back down, hold count to five and back up. Keep doing this until it remembers the basic setting.