Scirocco 15 plate 184 R-Line Infotainment Issue Touch Screen


New member
Feb 5, 2021
Hi all,

I'm hoping a more experienced VW owner may be able to help me. I bought this Scirocco private in the summer and slowly the infotainment system has started to fail. It started off just skipping radio stations, but now the whole touch screen is non-responsive. (the buttons work fine)

I took it to a VW dealership who said it just needed an update - upon collecting the car I noticed that the problem weren't fix, told them and then they said the whole infotainment and headunit would need replacing at a cost between £2.5-3k. Obviously thought this was way too excessive to get fixed there.

I spoke to someone at Halfords, who said it might be worth just replacing the radio and having them fit it, so I did - but again that didn't work. Has anyone else had any issue similar to this? I then spoke to a in car specialist, who said that I need to find a working one online, purchase it and find someone to install it.

My question is how do I go about finding the exact product type like Mk? Will any Golf/Scirocco head-unit after 2015 work? Where can I buy these sort of parts.

I'm based down in Kent if there's any specialists in the area.

Thanks a lot