Self Seal Tyre issue


New member
Apr 6, 2021
Recently took delivery of my lovely new Tiguan - a superb car. Yesterday, noticed one tyre completely flat. AA came out, and replaced with the "temporary" spare. At this point, I could see a nail head in the tyre accompanied by some gooey stuff. Took it to the garage, and it turns out these are Hankook "self seal" tyres. This didn't stop the tyre deflating in the first place, and when the garage removed the nail and re-inflated, the goo did not seal the hole, and it was still losing air. Garage said repair not possible or safe because of the special self repair lining. So what could have been a simple puncture repair turned out to be a £200 replacement of a brand new tyre. I'm asking myself, what is the point of these self seal tyres?