T Roc Cab

Sara Joseph

New member
Jun 17, 2021
Hi all
Had my T roc for 4 weeks now after upgrading from my last T roc and so happy!
But having a few issues which VW are not able to help me with
One being the sensors on the self belts. When I drop my kids off at school they jump out the car and I then drive off and the selt beat noise pings!!spoke to Vw and they have said it’s a new safety feature! It’s awful. Has anyone else had this. It didn’t have it in my 2019 model.
Also the car play is not connecting which is driving me mad.
There are so many silly tips that come up on my dash bored telling me how to drive better too. Anyone else feeling a bit frustrated?
Vw please sort these problems out.


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Apr 22, 2006
Nottingham, England
The seat belt warning and the irritating dashboard warnings MAY be configurable using VCDS although a tiny nagging doubt is the seat belt one could be an insurance issue under type approval regulations; you would need to check. The self righteous dashboard is forced upon us by a minority of screaming heads that have more influence on legislation than the vast majority but you should live with it as you are “saving the planet from a climate emergency”… 🐂💩