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Hello, my car seems to be running rough, on low gear if I don't press gas and just let it drive itself slowly, a quite loud grinding noise comes from engine.
I'm getting fault codes:
P2102 throttle actuator control motor low circuit
P2100 throttle actuator control motor open circuit
19558 intake manifold flap actuator motor no signal
19557 intake manifold flap actuator motor open circuit/ short to ground

Also getting codes for radiator and egr if that has to do with anything:
17075 Radiator fan control: short to ground, cooling fan control short to ground
P0401 egr insuffient flow detected
16785 egr system too low throughput

In the engine fuse F8 is blow, replaced it and it blew again right after.
Does anyone know what I need to do, replace in this situation? Don't want to go to mechanic to spend a lot in there since i'm a student and can't afford much haha

Also when shutting down the car, same short grinding noise comes and seems like something hits the engine, car shakes slightly

Thanks in advance

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This will be an early Golf 5 with a BKD engine. The throttle flap (the V157) is a regular failure and blows fuse 8 on 2003>2006 models and fuse 8 is also the radiator fan control circuit power. The V157 flap is also known as an "anti shudder valve" so if it doesn't work, the engine will shudder on shutdown, also IF you were unlucky and suffered a Diesel runaway, the V157 is a safety shut down flap and so you would blow the engine.
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