Touareg riding in 3rd gear


New member
Mar 30, 2021
Hi guys, need your help if possible. I have a 16 plate Touareg R Line with only 26000 miles on it. Its riding in 3rd gear only as it changes up from 2nd but doesn't do it when the car is cold. I've taken it to VW but there are no faults returning on the diagnostics. They are not sure themselves now so have contacted Germany and given me a few possible fix's. First one was put 4 matching tyres on, done that and made no difference. Next now is a transmission oil change (this model is a fixed filter). Not sure if that's going to fix it either but I just feel they don't know and I'm at risk of running up a huge bill as its all guess work. Has anyone else experienced this or got any suggestions on best possible fix?