Tuning my 1997 1.9TDI Vento


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Mar 10, 2015
Hi guys,

Was looking for some help with what is best for a 1.9 vento engine tuning wise.

I've read into bigger injectors and was wondering what injectors would fit straight onto my engine?

Also can the EGR be deleted from this engine? I have looked for kits and struggled to find any at all!

I also have a K&N cone filter here but have been told its better to get a performance insert for the standard air box?

Opinions and more possibilities would be grand

Cheers, Doug


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Apr 22, 2006
Nottingham, England
EGR removal does not give any more power and is illegal. On your engine, the amount of EGR flow can be reduced using a diagnostic computer system such as VCDS. A cone filter will be no better than a K&N panel filter. Upgrading the injectors depends on which horsepower version of engine you have and needs careful ECU re-mapping to match. The easiest step to getting a good 30% or so more power is a tuning box (not one of these stupid £40 fleaBay things). If you want to go further, you need more cooler pressurised air so the typical conversion is to fit the ARL engines turbo, a larger intercooler and some larger injectors and then have a custom remap to bring these all together.