Vw caddy - broken crankshaft


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Jul 10, 2013
Please help.

Vw caddy maxi 2.0 tdi 140bhp 2009
68000 miles bmm engine code.
it broke the crankshaft & cracked the
block for no reason - serviced right not low On oil so don't know why.

Looked all over for a bmm engine
Which I could not find.
So on advice From vw ireland and car dismantlers Was told that a bkd should fit in place.

However received bkd engine yesterday Which is really clean and good looking Engine and would love to get put in But turbo and Manifold are in totally Different positions and some point the wrong Way.
Would it work if we tried to pipe these to make fit or are we just going to hit block Wall later on, be it with electrics or ecu etc etc.

I am told that the bottom half is the
Same on both but this is also not 100% And if I take apart the good engine and does not Match i can't send it back.

What should I do please.

I would love to put the bkd engine into
It but my mechanic thinks this is almost
Impossible ( but others who are not doing The job said it will work, but is the bull )
What I have read here is the bkd is good And the bmm is bad.
I don't want to spend loads of money
On it and then have more crap after.

What you think. :(