VW Golf Mk6 (2010) 1.4 TSI Automatic 7-speed Dry Clutch DSG (DQ200) - Worth keeping?


New member
Jan 7, 2021

I recently purchased my VW Golf Mk6 2010 which has the 7-Speed Dry Clutch DQ200 DSG gearbox. I've done some research and have read many forums on this particular DSG gearbox and learnt it appears to be very problematic, with serious and very expensive mechanical issues being inevitable.

The mileage is only around 56000 miles and the drive in general is really good. I'm a conventional driver averaging about 4000 miles annually, rarely ever speed or drive above the speed limit, but on the odd occasion I do seem to experience a slight jerk whether it's driving off from standstill or whilst driving in general.

Apart from the odd jerk, which I fear may indicate future mechatronic issues, the car is solid and very good to me, and I was just wondering whether it's worth keeping the car and hope for the best or sell it while it's in good shape? And if so, are there any recommended auto's that rarely have any major problems within the £8k budget, or should I stick to manual?

Many thanks in advance