VW Phaeton V10 kessy PIN


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Nov 21, 2020
Hello, firstly my name is Steven, I'm a huge VAG fan and have owned a number of classic VW and Audi vehicles over the past 20 years . A few months ago i bought a non starting 2005 Phaeton with 59k on the clock.
The car has been garaged since 2016 and recently the owner realised it wouldn't start . I then bought it.
In short i discovered the master ECU was shot and replaces it with a reman one. This allowed me to start the engine.. however it wasn't happy and a number of faults on bank 2. Again from a number of tests I suspected the slave ECU.
I used the same company and bought a reman one, plugged it in and changed the soft code and she fired up in all 10.. great .
However on every subsequent start i get fault code 18332 saying the PIN is missing..
I understand this means that the slave ECU isn't matched to the kessy..
This leaves me with the issue, how do I get the PIN from the Kessy?
Thank you in advance, Steven