VW polo cuts out.


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Dec 16, 2020
Hey everyone,

I’m new here and don’t know much about cars - so thought I’d get some advice from some people who do.

I recently purchased a second hand car from an independent seller and everything was fine. I drove it back from Horsham no problem and it seemed like an amazing little car.

Three weeks in, the battery died and the car wouldn’t start which was fine - I replaced it. Once Halfords came out to replace it, I started the car once more in front of them and it still wouldn’t start.

They suggested it could be the spark plugs, so I went ahead and got them replaced also.

Everything was fine until my car started cutting out at a junction or stopping at a red light. It’s completely fine when I’m driving but just flat out cuts out when I slow down to park or stop at a light.

Could anyone help with the possible diagnosis? I’m obviously willing to take it to a garage to get it checked but it’s always good to hear an outsiders perspective.

It’s a VW Polo, 2000 plate - automatic.

Any help is appreciated.


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Apr 22, 2006
Nottingham, England
When the battery is disconnected, the engine computer loses its memory of where the throttle butterfly is and if the inside of the body is dirty, it will rest to a position which won't allow enough air through. The usual process is remove, carefully clean and refit the throttle body and then adapt the ECU with diagnostic equipment. A typical VAG specialist would want around £70 for this.