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I have a 1970 vw T2 ,Early Bay.
I have a non advance distributor 009 with new points ..think its centifugral
Engine AD TR 775...what ever that means . 50hp
Weber Carb 32/36 DF AV carb
there appear to be two marks on the crank pully
which mark should I use when using strobe light if either?

The electronic ignitor distributor failed so I replaced with points ..but running hotter than use to ..

also any thoughts on upgrades to increase mpg ..I have had this at 75 mph on motorway but happier at 60-65 , someone suggested a different gearbox if I want to get better mpg and cruising speed but what gearbox would that be?

Im taking it to Ireland for two weeks and wonder what tools and spares others carry?
last year starter motor ,alternator and finally accelerator cable all broke ,being lowered it was impossible for me to access the accelerator so it had to be recovered from isle of Skye .
it is lowered which I don't like ,can I just put some standard shocks on to increase height?

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