Weird n wacky Clock timings...


Jul 28, 2013
Sunny Scotland
Well 2020 has been a great year so far, if you've been in a coma since Nov 2019 & have just woken up with all your faculties intact !

For those poor beggars like me who live in the UK & have been in lock-down since early / mid March & are only attempting to venture out with an armed escort, then not so much...:p

Anyway, my car has covered about 600 miles in those 3 months & I've noticed that my dash clock is effectively resetting itself.

I've went to the car in the morning (prior to going for shopping), & although my watch states 10am, the car clock will state 6am, so i'll reset it, go off on my journey, come back park up & leave it for several hours, before going to pick Mrs wife up from her 5 mile walk. When returning to the car, it will display 11am, when it's 3pm & so on & so on.

I've checked the infotainment system & it does show the time the dash is indicating & the fact that it is selected to BST (British summer time). Once the time is corrected, again both dash & infotainment display, show identical time, but I've noticed there not exactly an 'ok' button to click on, just the 'return' in the top RHS of the infotainment display. So I'm not sure if it's actually keeping that time, until the car is stopped & started again, or if there's something electrical going on, like the battery holding lack of charge from little usage, or something similar.

I have been 'fortunate' to have the car on couple of 1hr long motorway drives, due to assisting key workers (my son & his girlfriend, as we go & watch my grandson, by taking him out of their house for the day, but not back to ours !), so that car has started 1st time with no issues, even when sat for 3 or 4 weeks without movement / use.

Anyway, ignoring the Covid malarkey, is it battery or usual VW electrical gremlins that have haunted golf's since the Mk4 ??
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Apr 22, 2006
Nottingham, England
Electrical gremlins have haunted cars since Mr Lucas changed gas lights for electrical. All modern cars are VERY sensitive to voltage, anything below 12v and they start acting oddly.