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New member
Jan 19, 2021
Hi Folks

If you are browsing or lurking and wish to add your name to our growing list of members then you will be made most welcome.

In order to protect the forum from Spammers and time wasters there are a couple of things we'd like to mention. These won't be a problem to genuine participants:

All requests for membership are forwarded to one of the Admin team who will confirm your membership by e-mail back to you, HOWEVER, we may not accept your registration if we think you are just out to spam the forum.


Please do not try to register with a name that uses multiple numerical characters e.g gremlin3456. This tells the Admin team that you are a spammer and using an automated process to generate registrations.

If you register with a web site that is selling porn,pharmacy,gambling, cigarettes etc. your registration and membership will be deleted regardless of your contribution to the Forum.

If you register with a web site that is personal/blog but could be seen as profane, bigoted, pornographic, inciting violence or inciting criminality; your web link will be removed and/or your membership deleted.

If you make multiple registrations with web sites that have commercial links that fall into the categories above and/or are of no obvious interest to the forum ( e.g. www//*.ru in russian) then all of your registrations and memberships will be deleted.

If you register with a web site that is advertising Property Sales or is an Employment Recruiting agency and you are not making a contribution to the forum then your web link will be removed.

Every so often we need to go through the membership listings and delete all of those who, for some strange reason, register successfully but don't ever post anything. Can we suggest http://www.forumfortheterminallyshy.com for those who fall into that category

In short, please use the forum as it was intended and enjoy the facility. If you are just out to exploit the facility then don't be surprised if you can't log on or yor web page link has been removed. If anyone is having a problem registering because they have fallen into the net designed to trap the Spammers then please send me a private e-mail and I wll ensure your registration gets through.

Sorry if that's a bit 'school teacher' but there are just too many Neanderthals out there who take great delight in spoling the enjoyment of genuine members of this and other forums.

Ooops my username is Dazinblack31 should I change it? I have joined the forum with a view to selling my 1973 T2 camper. I am hoping Mojo will go to a good home and not be subjected to the chancers and tyre kickers so any advice would be helpful.