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But that's defeating the object of asking on this forum.
The new bulbs Bere bought for a reason.
I could have that done that in thecqst place.
I have a 1.6 C20TDI 102.. The problem I am having is the engine shuddering in low raves an when you change down in gear she drives away perfectly she is 2013 an with 68000 miles on clock would appreciate any advice in this matter..
Hi there , I've just joined this forum , I've had a vw holdsworth villa for about 8 years for my sins .. but have just recently purchased a 2010 golf tdi , so I'm all vw'd up ! . The problem I'm having is that the cd player keeps saying error , even with brand new cd's , I've tried cleaning it , but still no joy .. does anybody have any suggestions please ?
Hi My name is Jim
Code issue - 19- Diagnostic Data Interface-Gateway 01040 Anyone understand this Code on my Caddy?
I have recently taken delivery of a new RLine Golf , and I am very disappointed,I read that this car comes with voice control,even on the hand over the salesman tried to show me how to use the voice control,that did not work ,now I find out it would cost me £200 to activate it.I am a disabled and a pensioner and without voice control this car is a death trap because you have to divert your eyes to centre screen
My name is Bob, I was born in 1934 and I still drive my 2004 polo 1.4 twist which has done 51k. My problem is the back windows especially the offside back window keeps opening all by itself. I get out the car lock it then find the window open. Any ideas please?